Plastic Surgery Advertising

Ever heard of the word “Plastic Surgery Advertising”? You know when you go looking for pictures and suddenly an ad pops up on your screen on either a website or a social media platform with before and after photos of plastic surgery. Well, that’s plastic surgery advertising. Although plastic or cosmetic surgery is recommended not to be done, still sadly in a lot of countries such as South Korea it is considered as a trend and people gift their daughter’s cosmetic surgeries as soon as they go to college.

This is now becoming a popular trend not just in Asia specific countries, but also in western countries such as the USA. It is told to improve your overall appearance especially when you are facing bullying or are facing hatred against your appearance. The advertisers play with your mind and your emotions especially when you are going under trauma or sadness regarding your appearance. They make you feel good about yourself if you go for such procedures but keep in mind that not every kind of surgery is right for you.

The term Plastic Surgery

Before we could look any further in plastic surgery advertising, it is very important to know what it is. Plastic surgery is a method of changing your overall appearance by reconstructing or repairing your body parts whether in terms of facing any kind of accident or for cosmetic purposes.

In plastic surgery, sculpting and reshaping occur in terms of which body part you want to repair or reshape. Like for example, there are people with pigmentation disorder or a face full of ache and scar marks. They want to go for reshaping or repairing any damages, therefore, they go for plastic surgeons.

There are even times when most of the people go for plastic surgeons when they do not like their appearance. Like for example, in South Korea, many people do not have eyelids at all and want to go for plastic surgery for double eyelids as the double eyelid is a trend there. Those people are considered God gifted who have double eyelids in South Korea.

Plastic Surgery Advertising

Plastic surgery advertising is the promotion of plastic surgeries by showing before and after photos or videos to the public through many marketing channels such as newspapers, magazines, social media, websites, the internet, etc.

There are many good sides as well as bad sides of plastic surgery advertising. The good side is, people, get awareness regarding any treatment they would like to go for without worrying to be stuck with defeats caused by any sort of accidents such as the broken nose, etc. The bad side is when the ads cross their limits such as they try to show you dreams that are quite unrealistic such as; you will be young again. Now that’s just not possible as the aging process never stops. This is where we should take precautionary measures to avoid any fraud.

5 Trends That Will Shape the Future of Web Design

Today’s web design does not only mean decorating your website with colorful graphics. More importantly, it should be where digital design aesthetic and technology innovations work in harmony. 

Given the seemingly endless development of new technologies, it doesn’t come as a surprise that there is constant change in the way websites should be designed.

Gone are the days when users access websites through their PCs. At present, websites are locked in our smartphones, tablets, wristwatches and even sunglasses. There’s no doubt that web design in the coming years is more sophisticated than ever.

To remain competitive in the digital world, take note of the following web design trends:

5G Networks

With the help of new ultrafast Internet connections, web designers will Gail numerous opportunities to be more innovative in creating futuristic mobile designs that are responsive to evolving technologies. While users are thrilled about what 5G networks can offer them, they aren’t fully aware yet of what they can do or how they may benefit from download speeds of 1Gbps. But for web designers, this is the chance to create loaded websites without worrying about download speeds.

Foldable Devices

In the past couple of years, we have seen the evolution of mobile phones and portable computers. The development of foldable smartphones and tablets means that web designers need to pay more attention to how their websites can be accessed and enjoyed by users in this unique new technology.


Digital communication will continue to evolve and this is another essential aspect of web design in the future. Chatbots are now slowly replacing real human interactions, which is favorable to users considering that chatbots tend to offer quicker responses. 

But it isn’t that simple. Web owners need to make sure that users will have the feeling that they are chatting with a real person. This is challenging, but with advancements in artificial intelligence technology, this isn’t far from becoming a reality.

Animation and Video

In recent years, we have seen how amazingly videos have become a vital part of web design. Videos are also a powerful tool for communication, which explains why the most popular social media platforms make so much effort in maximizing the usability of video content. Web design teams must be ready to utilize videos as the primary marketing tool in the coming years.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are innovative technologies that are undoubtedly gaining a lot of traction in the entertainment and gaming industry. Web designers must make sure their websites can accommodate the features of both AR and VR. Doing this significantly boost the usability of a website and enhance the user experience for sure.


With the introduction of faster Internet connectivity and sophisticated mobile device designs, there is an endless possibility for web designers. The evolution of web design could be overwhelming for less exposed and experienced individuals, so it’s more important than ever for website owners to get professional help for their web design needs